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Our "Dissertation Writing Workshop" Series is Opening Up For New Members Soon!

Our "Dissertation Writing Workshop" Gives You Accountability: 

Crush Writer's Block and Finish Your Thesis and Publications 

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Core Curriculum

We cover the step-by-step process of dissertation writing from messy drafts to published papers and theses


Set daily and weekly goals and stay accountable with our Progress Tracker Tools & Community

Personalized Feedback

Get answers to your questions from our Writing Coaches during our Group Training Sessions  

Check out what our graduates have said:

"Dora is an excellent coach with a style that is compassionate as well as no-nonsense. Dora knows how to keep people accountable, but accountable for realistic goals, not the impossible demands we place on ourselves as researchers. Dora also has great advice about how to take care of your health before you turn into a burnt-out mess. (And if you’re a burnt-out mess, she can definitely help!)." 

-Jessamine Price, Writing Coach, Winner of Best Thesis Award, American University

"I thought I was the only one having these problems. As soon as I joined the "Finish Your Thesis Program" I felt relieved to find a community where people were open to discuss their problems even though we were from different disciplines. An immediate benefit I experienced after joining the program was to have energy to pull together a 100 page thesis proposal. Being part of a community was great help to finish my thesis"  

-Quang Evansluong, PhD, Assistant Professor, United Kingdom

The "Dissertation Writing Workshop" is Opening for New Members Soon!